Ljudet Innan

As it turns out, I’ve woken up in enough time to have half an hour to kill before James and Mum turn up to whisk me away to transition. Pretty much just writing to keep my hands doing something light and my nails out of my mouth. I’m a terrible nail biter when nervous. Which is pretty much all the time. But especially now.

Kit has been checked, double checked. If there’s anything I’ve forgotten now then so be it. I kinda wish I’d have put my run nutrition in my run bag rather than decide to carry it in my top’s rear pocketthrough the whole race, but hey ho. Can’t go back now. I expect I will look like a drowning camel on the swim.

I’m nervous to the point of shaking. maybe that’s just the adrenaline kicking in early. I feel physically nervous, but mentally (touch wood) pretty in check. It doesn’t feel quite right.

Cheers for following this crazy journey. There will be a post-race debrief, it will be thorough. I don’t know when that will happen. Maybe Sunday, maybe Monday, maybe a week’s time, maybe two. Thorough things take a lot of time to write, and I have another weeks holiday to be drinking all of the interesting cocktails yet.

Should probably stop typing now and get this posted. Half Rust signing off. I always wanted to do something significant.




Tl;dr: Hi, I’m George Bright, and this is Jackass.

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