Okay, so I have been writing the follow up to last week’s post for a week, but it’s not happening before the race. Today took too long to do everything, and I don’t have the energy anymore. I need to go to bed. It’ll be rolled into the race report now. Which means it will be even more super fucking long than a regular race report.

I just want to be able to have a warm shower again.

Race prep has gone okay. It’s not really happened to the same usual intensity. I’m getting excited, and am ready to go, but have kinda sleepwalked through the whole thing. Or it feels like that.

Here’s the tracking link. I’m number 92. Bear in mind, it won’t be doing much until I pick it up in T1, but seriously my swim is not exciting enough (unless you consider the prospect of me finding a watery grave to lie in exciting) to warrant tracking anyway.

yes I am fucking climbing that fucker

Fuck you you cloud soaked bastard I’m coming for you

Listening: Tan Dun – Snow (Hero OST); full body shaves need to be accompanied by epic scores.

Reading: mainly the race manual for the last week, to be honest.

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