Kit List

Below is a list of my race day equipment for the curious. I’ve not included most of my training kit because otherwise this post would go on forever (and I’d have to think up witty blurbs for a dozen technical t-shirts which sucks), but there is some kit mentioned that I won’t be using for IM Kalmar that was added because I’ll probably refer to it in the blog at some point. I mean, obviously I’m not going to ride two bikes in the same race. Duh.

Pics will be added when I remember to take them.

The Wet Bit

Xterra Vortex Pro


My new favourite gimp suit. It has lots of features that I totally understand to make me a better swimmer.

Zoggs Predator Flex


They’re photochromic, because starting a race swimming directly east at 7am in the morning is a recipe for poor sighting otherwise.

The Fast Bit

‘Agro’, Planet X Exocet 2


Full carbon frame, SRAM force 11, Planet X 52mm deep carbon clincher wheels, and it looks bloody gorgeous to boot. I run it with an ISM Adamo Time Trial saddle and some Look Keo Blade Chromo Max pedals. Because who isn’t going to massively benefit from having some aerodynamic pedals. Fuck my life.

‘The Normandy’, Giant Defy 5 2014


My first road bike, this got me through my first year of races but I thought it was time to upgrade if I’m getting serious. I will still be using it for group ride training, commuting, and maybe the odd event (looking at you, Chiltern 100).

C Originals G-14


A versatile cage for my noggin. Not that I intend to fly headfirst into a Swedish lamppost at 40mph, but you never know. Will make me look dead trendy.

Northwave Tribute Tri Shoes


The first pair of shoes I’ve bought that I never intend to walk in. And yes, I cover them with Endura FS260 Pro Slick Overshoe Toe Covers (what a mouthful), because toes are terrible unaerodynamic.

The Sweaty Bit

Asics Gel Noosa Tri 10


They glow in the dark. Isn’t that cool? Ignore the fact that I never race in the dark.

Asics GT-1000 3 Running Shoes


What I do most of my training in. Dead comfy. They have arch support because my arches collapse, or so said the pretty lady at the running shop.

The Whole Shebang

Quest Sports Wear Custom Triathlon Two-Piece suit


After trashing the first race kit I bought for Ironman Kalmar in a bike crash, I decided to go custom – if marathon charity runners get special vests, why can’t I have a special tri suit? QSW were absolutely great in sorting me out – take a look here if you’re interested.

Champion Systems Performance Classic Tri Suit


Did you ever think I’d be caught wearing a one piece? I never thought I’d be wearing a one piece. It’s very comfy.

Suunto Ambit 3 Sport with HRM


Some people say that a man’s thinking is done in his high tech compression underwear. This is not true. My thinking is done on my wrist.

Compressport R2 Calf Guards and Armforce Arm Sleeves


I’m not sure if I wear these more for physical or mental benefit, if I’m honest.

Zone 3 Sunglasses


Makes me look like a pro and keeps sun out of my eyes.

Zone 3 Visor


Makes me look like a pro and keeps sweat out of my eyes.