Guest Blogs

Not had enough of me yet? Well, you could harangue me in person for witty anecdotes, heartbreaking tales of woe, or life advice that wouldn’t be out of place in a sporty person’s version of Cosmopolitan. Maybe. Alternatively, you could just look here.

Marathon Marcus

Interview with George – From suicidally depressive to suicidally athletic Ironman

A post-Ironman interview on overcoming depression.

Truestart Coffee

Mental Game: the Other Rest Day

Sage advice on how to make sure your mind gets a break from training as well as your body.

Race Report: Deva Middle Distance Triathlon

I race report I wrote for the fine people over at Truestart.

George’s Truestory

A post-Ironman interview on defining courage.


Truestart Coffee: The secret weapon to train harder, for longer

Okay, so this could as well have been filed under Truestart.

Yellow Jersey Cycling Insurance

From suicidally depressive to suicidally athletic: an introspective.

A brief biography of my journey from being shipped to London, and the couple of years I spent in the urban wilderness before I found running & triathlon.

The Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Guide to the Best, Cyclists’, Christmas Puddings Part 3

In which I prove I’m the epitome of the modern man by bribing other people with free stuff to do my work for me.