Useful Links

The Maytree Respite Centre – A charity that offers a stay in a quiet secluded North London location to people going through suicidal crisis. I stayed there for a week in winter 2013. Project Half-Rust (as I now call it) was a year long effort to raise funds and awareness for them through this blog, and my efforts to complete Ironman Kalmar 2016.

Profile PT – Otherwise referred to as Coach Dan, or Coach Holmes. My main coach and responsible for The Plan. Dan is a member of the Clapham Chasers, is a 3 times Ironman/how many times Marathon runner, and enjoys putting people through pain at brick sessions. I like to think he respects my have-a-go nature and complete lack of sporting intelligence.

iTRIwithTIM – Otherwise referred to as Coach Tim. I have individual swim and (soon) bike sessions with this guy. Also a member of the Clapham Chasers, Tim is an age-group triathlete for GBR and thinks that everything is awesome. Everything. All the time.

Nutrition Solutions for Health – 2017’s addition to the team of people who try to reign in my impulses and make me act like an actual athlete is sports nutritionist and 220 Triathlon contributor Jo Scott-Dagleish. That’s right, I am paying someone to tell me not to eat ice-cream and laugh at my oat milk fixation. This is because I have goals.

Clapham Chasers Running and Triathlon Club – My main sporting club. We’re young (in club terms), hungry, and we win things. As of November 2015 I am the club’s first captain on the triathlon side of things, and am younger and more dashing than the running captains.

Goodgym – The club that got me into running in the last summer days of 2014. An organisation that combines being a fitness group with performing tasks for community and charitable ventures. I’m a qualified Run Leader thanks to these guys, and can usually be found at the Lambeth group runs on a Tuesday.

/r/triathlon – A Reddit messageboard where people argue about the proper way to take pictures of your bike. Sometimes I come here for advice.