Roll of Honour

I thought it’d be cool to have a grand list of all the people that donated, because you’re cool. Seriously. Each and every one of these, whether £1 or £1000, gave me a boost in making sure I remained with my eye on the prize (if you can call ten and a half hours of body-wrecking athletics a prize).

Adrian Tan
Alan & Marjorie Banbury
Alison (I’m sorry I don’t know your surname!)
Alix Carpenter
Alys Mathew
Amy Bright & Leo Gillick (& whoever donated at The Nest)
Andy Lulham
Ann Brennan
Ann Pugh
Auntie Sue and Uncle Mike Acreman
Beth Hoskins
Charlotte Bright
Chris Adams
Chris Hobson
Chris Platt
Connie and Girvan… Tancredi-Brice-Girvan (okay, his birth name is Andrew)
Dad (Vernon Bright, if you’re wondering)
Dan Holmes
Danica Priest
Dave Gilbert
Debi Jory
Debs Shore
Denise Blundell
Ely Athron
Emma Presley
Emma Phillips
Freya Tringham
Giles Robinson
Gill Bright
Goodgym (people who dopnated at the August monthly social)
Graham Sutherland
Imogen Reekie
Isabelle Bristow
Issy Sloman
James Bright
James Barnard
Jane Bowes
Jenna Mullett
Jennifer Woolgar
Joanna Barlow
Joe Spraggins
John Warton
Julia James
Karly Jose
Kathryn Stewart
Katy Striplin
Katie Welford
Louise Bell
Lucia Gobbi
Lucy Till
Lyn Washer
Mary (sorry don’t know the surname!)
Mel Simpson
Mystery Chaser
Natasha McFadden
Natalie Ruffell
Paul Bown
Phil Logoreci
Rich & Vron Acreman
Robert Vaughan
Sam Acreman
Sam Burne James
Sam Stanton
Sarah and Rob Russell
Sarah F
Sarah Swaney
Sean Mackin
Sheena Harvey
Sophie Oliver
Stephen Russell
Sue & Mark Austin
Tom Benson
Vicky Blundell
WOOHOOOOOO (Chloe Tomlinson)
Zoe Aarons

And no less than 25 Anonymous donors – I can actually see your email addresses where supplied so I know who most of you are, but you’ve chosen to be anonymous, and I don’t think it’s my place to change that.