Voice Message

In my first year of writing this thing, I broke my publication schedule once (well, intentionally) to write about Time to Talk day. In my second year of writing this blog I aggressively did not. Now I’m back to do it again.

There was a couple pages’ worth of text below here, that I spent an hour or so last night putting together. I woke up this morning and didn’t like it, because it was way too preachy and it kind of missed the point. So now it’s gone forever, and instead I’ve scribbled the below this morning over breakfast. To summarise…

Things are shit, granted, but I am holding life together at the moment through the efforts of some sterling people around me. Having those people around me who are willing to open homes, sign forms, move furniture, and accept that this is just life to me and so many others is the big, big change from the last time my head was in this state. So that’s pretty awesome.

I wrote in much more depth (obviously) about this whole thing, but I was missing the point in that it’s Time to Talk day, not Time to Effusively and Slightly Anonmymously Praise Via the Internet day, and I am capable of more than that. So I’ll thank those people but I won’t do it through this, because I am able to do differently and more personal. Some aren’t able to do this, for whatever reason, and that’s cool too. But I am so I will.

Sometimes all it takes is to know someone else gives a shit.

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